Why You Deserve Me As Your Congressman


I was born and raised in Springdale, South Carolina. It's a fantastic community filled with great people. For the past 25 years I have worked for Clemson University as an Investigator for Regulatory and Public Service Programs. I also own and operate Dust to Dust Green Burial / Nature Reserve Cemetery. Please check out Dust to Dust's Facebook page to read dozens of personal reviews about the quality of service I provide to families during one of their most vulnerable times. The reviews speak for themselves. I am recently divorced and have two grown sons, Luke (20), and Levi (18). Luke just returned from deployment with the Army National Guard and has just started his first business, Bishop's Stump Grinding.  Levi is working on his last year at Clemson University and was accepted into the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. I am a very proud father! 


I became Mayor of Springdale in January of 2014. Upon starting as Mayor, I knew very little about how to lead a town. I just knew I was ready to work and the town needed a boost of energy. In the beginning, I spent virtually every night at some kind of municipal or county meeting observing how the meetings were run and building relationships. I learned how to be a mayor from the ground up. I believe that this played a vital role in my success with my town. The Municipal Association of South Carolina was, and is, a huge help for those just beginning their journey. With no prior experience to lean on, I learned how to do things the correct way. I never had the opportunity to rely on past bad habits or incorrect advisement from others. This is exactly how I would treat my position as Congressman. Our district needs a renewed energy. We need someone that is ready to put in the long hours and hard work of learning how to correctly operate a district. We need someone that consistently keeps their citizens informed about the great progress they're making within the district, not just in the months leading up to an election. District 2, you all deserve better. 


If you're ready for a Congressman that works for you, not a paycheck and perks, please vote for me in the upcoming primary election on June 9, 2020! Thank you!

Do it For Our District

I know that I can’t out fundraise Joe Wilson. Quite frankly, I’m not interested in doing that. I don’t want to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of favors to people. I am purely interested in the betterment of our district for all citizens that live within it, not just those who have the ability to donate large sums of money. 


While I may not be able to raise more money than Joe Wilson, I can promise you one thing: I can, and WILL, out work him. This is why you will see me out in your communities, putting out thousands of flyers, meeting people one on one, truly hitting the streets, “grassroots” style. This is who I am and who I will continue to be as your leader. Just ask the citizens of Springdale. 


Don’t get me wrong, I understand that raising money will be critical to winning this campaign. I am greatly appreciative of any and all donations you are willing to give. I can promise you that your donations, as well as your tax dollars, will be treated with the utmost respect. I run my town as if the money is a private business. Being a private business owner, I understand the value of a dollar. I also understand that all federal money is our money. They didn't generate it. We did. As so, it will be treated with that same level of accountability and respect.  

Give me two years! I promise you will begin to see major improvements. I will keep residents up to date with happenings in the area. My updates won't be me presenting an award or talking about where I've traveled. My updates will consist of the projects I'm working on for the district, how I'm representing our district at the national level, and how hard I'm working to make our district even better than it already is. 

Michael Bishop


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