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I’m a pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, conservative republican. I’ve been Mayor of Springdale for six years. I believe in term limits and I promised to serve no more than eight years for my town. I have two years left and I’m happy to turn over the reins. I’ve worked hard to get my town in a great position, however, I feel as if many of our major issues stem from a lack of support from above. That’s why I’m running! I realize we have national issues and responsibilities, but I want to focus a majority of my time and energy on improving our district. I want great roads, our litter issues to be addressed, and money for infrastructure. I promise to meet with mayors, county administrators, state representatives, and other influential members of the community on a regular basis to learn what I can do in the federal office to empower them to excel in their positions. I believe in limited government. I believe in supporting the people whose boots are on the ground making our communities a better place. I don’t think federal government should tell a town how to run their business. I only want to build those relationships and see how I can support them. I personally understand those struggles. In my current position, we have a road that has been out since the 2015 flood. We have interstate interchanges and bridges in desperate need of repair. We have roads that are decades old within the neighborhoods.  We have storm water drainage issues that require huge funding. We have ponds that are Category 1 danger classified, yet they aren’t being addressed. Our current Congressman is not fighting for the betterment of our district! I will dedicate all of my time to fix these problems, in addition to the similar problems that I learn about in other areas of my district. All I’m asking of you right now is to give me two years. I promise in two years you will realize what hasn’t been happening for our district, prior to me. If you want term limits, you must vote in someone that believes in term limits. If you want better roads, you must vote in someone that is willing to fight for the funding. If you want a congressman that identifies and fixes issues within the district, you must vote in someone that is active in the community and has the experience to understand what resources our municipalities and counties desperately need. I am all of these things. I’ve proven my record. I’m not interested in becoming a career politician. I’ve worked in agriculture for Clemson University for 25 years. I am prepared to resign from that position. I own Dust to Dust Green Burial / Nature Reserve Cemetery in Swansea. My son, Luke (20), who just returned from deployment, is prepared to take over those duties. I am prepared to resign as Mayor of Springdale. I want to be your full-time Congressman! I will amaze you with how often you see me in your community. Previously, the Congressman’s staff has mailed the American flag to the brave and deserving people of our district. If I become Congressman, these flags will not be mailed by staff members. I will personally be delivering these flags to their deserving recipients. This is just a small example of the type of hands-on congressman I will be. Should I be elected, everything positive that has been currently going on in our district will continue. I promise you only better things are to come. If you want this change to become a reality, please vote for me. I need your support against Joe Wilson in the upcoming republican primary election! Please vote for me on June 9, 2020!  I look forward to personally serving you and your family. Please contact me with any questions you may have!

God bless.


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